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The Busker
Released January, 2009.

Song Titles: ... The Busker / The Old Farm / Pale Moon Shining Above / Jeez, He Saves / Sour Grapes / Dust to Dust / Hold me Close / We're still Hot / The Waitin’ Generation / We’re “It”! / When I See Her Smile / Who will Sing our Songs / Our days are Bright



When I was a Kid
Released on July 1, 2006.  19 songs of a traditional nature.

Song titles ... Over the Waterfall /  Who will Dance with Betty Lou? / Baseball, Baseball / Road to Bluevale / When I was a Kid / Lannighan's Ball / Mrs Murphy’s Chowder /  Swallowtail Jig / The Leprauchan / Old Granma / The Blackfly Song /  Highland Schotishe / Field Stones / Chase Me  Charlene / Jack was every inch a sailor / Liberty Hornpipe / Farewell to Nova Scotia / Fare Thee Well / Rosen the Bow.


It's A Grand Garden” released 2002

Song titles ... Canadian Cold / Wee Don't Want To hear It / New Sandals / To tell a child / Grand Garden / Field of Green  / …… much more…..

1983  -  album (cassette)…Two Blue

Hugs, 1980 CLICK FOR MP3's

Hugs....Bob Burchill ... recorded and released ..1980

All compositions by Bob Burchill except Oh Annie;Terry Jones[Noah Zark Music][socan]

The Songs;
Some People, Four Seasons, Only Honesty, Whatever Ship We Sail, We'll Be Flying, Oh Annie, Feel A Little Better, I Wonder Where You Are, Come on and Move It, Marimba Jam w/ Pep's Blodsband[Sweden] .

Musicians; Bob Burchill, Ken Kalmusky, John Till, Murry Scott, Toby Small, David Woodhead, Glen Soulis, Layna Basson, Pat Kell, Dorit Learned, and members of Pep's Blodsband in Sweden on "Mirimba Jam".

Engineered and mixed by Bob , John Till, Ken Kalmusky, and David Woodhead at Maxim Studio, Carlingford, Ontario.
Cover Picture ; Lennart Linjer.

Design and photo of me with watermellons ; Anne Lundequist.

Produced by Bob Burchill .

Available on CD.  E-mail or write for information.


Will I ever Get To Heaven, 1977 CLICK FOR MP3's      

Will I ever Get To Heaven Album -- Recorded June 1977

Bob Burchill and Perth County Express[does not exhaust]

Song list

Will I ever Get To Heaven,To Be One with You, Running Away, She Keeps Me Satisfied, Eagle On the Wind, Different Ways, Whistle Down the Road, Drunk in the City, Stormtime,  Rhythm of our Singing.

The poem in "Stormtime" is written by Milton Acorn, "The Last Stormtime", "More Poems for People", N C Press 1972.


Bob Burchill, David Woodhead, Jerome Jarvis,  Brian lee Griffith,Kim Deshamps, Rick Hutt, Doug Biggs.

Recorded; June 1977 Trak IV Studios Radio Waterloo Engineer ; Bill Wharrie. Cover photo; Peter Harris. Art; Anne Lundequist.

Produced by Bob Burchill, David Woodhead, Jerome Jarvis

Available on cd.

1976  -  song … Earthbound Song in Ten Lost Years.

1975  -  song … “Bend your Back” in CTV Documentary about migrant pickers in Ontario.


Cabin Fever, 1975      
Album; Cabin Fever Bob Burchill of Perth County Conspiracy dne..1975

All compositions by Bob Burchill except Fisher's Hornpipe,trad.

Titles; Side One; Cabin Fever, Pilgrim of the wind, Bend Your Back, Silver Strings, Be Together, Fishers Hornpipe. Another Side; Near My Beginnings, Welcome song, Charades, Nothing to Lose, Black Creek.

Musical Conspirators; Bob Burchill, David Woodhead,Jerome Jarvis,
John Jackson, Terry Jones, Richard Keelan, Michael Butler, Jeremy Balser, Paul Gelman, Dorit Learned, Koumantaros, Doug McNaughton, , Zeke Prelosnjak

Recorded;Side One .Schoolhouse Sound Studio; Engineered by Gary Mckeehan,Paul Benedict, Jerry Till. Another Side; Recorded live in Calgary by Stoneage sound. Mixed at Schoolhouse Sound.
Cover Photo; Carl Hyatt.  Back Portrait ; Peter Harris.
Cover Art: Dorit Learned, Penny & Patty MacIntyre

Available on CD.  E-mail or write for information.


1974  -  single  … Black Creek

1973  -  album…
“What Bus Tour” Perth County Conspiracy d.n.e.

The Songs ;

Side 1.  Sad Stories; Burchill/ The System, Educational Rag,  Election Results; Smith / Wiser Heads, Wild Mushrooms; Keelan/ a Field Trip, / Hurray for the Farmer, Acorn/Smith / Kingdoms,  Burchill

Side 11. Coming Around The Bend, Keelan/ ,Pastures of Plenty, Guthrie/Smith/ I Shout Love, Acorn/Smith/ Martyrs, Acorn/ Live to Die, Keelan/ Earthbound.Burchill.

Musical conspiritors; Cedric Smith, Richard Keelan, Bob Burchill, Michael Jas. Butler, Judy Crocker, David Balser, Dorit Learned, Jim Cairns, Penny McIntyre, Harry Finlay, Garf & David of  Stoneage Sound..

Live concert mono recording by Stoneage Sound ; Ottawa, Sudbury, Winnipeg, Feb 1973.

Mushroom Music 1973

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